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Tubertini Reels combine outstanding value for money, ultra high performance and the quality you would expect from the Tubertini brand. The Oasys and Toda offer Drag systems that will consistently out perform others that carry twice the price tag and have been designed for Saltwater

Ryobi engineering with Italian Style and Quality finishing, the AP8000's (image Left)

Proving ever popular in the range for the UK market is the AP Power 600/8000. The original Tubertini concept was for a powerful reel for the popular continential fishing technique of vertical jigging, whilst gaining popularity in UK Waters it is an alroudner the AP Power 8000 is proving to be outstanding value for money and offers unequaled power for it price tag and ultra smooth drag.

Tubertini AP Power

The ultimate in performance and quality. The AP Power 6000/8000's represent the flagship reel in the UK Tubertini Sea Fishing Range. This high performance new reel is the natural evolution of close collaboration between Tubertini and Ryobi. The AP Power body is made totally of metal, the transmission shaft and inside mechanism sizes have been increased.

The reel is without an anti-reverse lever, Tubertini considered that during a fight with a big fish it was at best useless, and worst a dangerous encumbrance.

AP Power 6000 / 8000 Saltware Reel, Quality
Tubertini AP Power 8000
Capacity Dia/m
Gear Ratio
0.33/250 - 0.37/200 - 0.405/150
0.40/230 - 0.43/200 - 0.470/160

The AP Power sports a beautify finished Aluminium handle with Hypalon ergonomic knob for ease of grip. The new external finishing's and spool have undergone a double anodising process to be more rustproof.

Tubertini Oasys

A fixed spool fishing reel with 4+1 stainless steel ball bearings and recovery ratio 5:1, is the natural successor of the excellent Ryobi Ecusima. Compared to its predecessor, the series has been expanded to include eight sizes developed on four size of body, allowing to face the different styles of fishing from trout to bolognese fishing as well as ledgering and sea fishing. Elegant, technological and above all affordable.

Oasys Ryobi Ecusima, Great Value
Tubertini Oasys
Code Size Weight Bearings Drag Ratio Line Capacity RRP
99090**1000276 g4+12,5 kg5,1:1Ø 0,205/150 m £ POA
99091**2000276 g4+12,5 kg5,1:1Ø 0,235/155 m £ POA
99092**3000315 g4+15,0 kg5,0:1Ø 0,235/235 m £ POA
99093**4000320 g4+15,0 kg5,0:1Ø 0,285/200 m £ POA
99094**5000400 g4+17,5 kg5,0:1Ø 0,330/200 m £ POA
99095**6000405 g4+17,5 kg5,0:1Ø 0,330/230 m £ POA
99096**7000580 g4+110 kg5,0:1Ø 0,370/230 m £ POA
99097**8000585 g4+110 kg5,0:1Ø 0,405/230 m £ POA

Tubertini Concept d

Concept D, the Revolution! This reel will go down in history as the first one with a patented system composed by 2 bails: in addition to the classic bail, its innovation consist in a second fixed bail, designed to prevent the slip of the monofilament or braided line past between the rotor and the coil, avoiding the annoying line twist on the shaft of the reel. As other models in our range, this also has a small body and an oversized rotor made of polycarbonate and magnesium, to increase rigidity and lightness, furthermore internal bearings allow fast and smooth retrieve.

Concept D, Saltwater Reel, Quality
Tubertini Concept D
Code Model Weight Bearing Drag Ratio Line Capacity RRP
99101**2500 - Normal spool305 g7+110lb (5kg)5,0:1Ø 0,235/180 m £ POA
99102**3500 - Match spool307 g7+110lb (5kg)5,0:1Ø 0,180/150 m £ POA
99103**4500 - Match spool310 g7+110lb (5kg)5,0:1Ø 0,180/180 m £ POA
99104**5500 - Match spool320 g7+110lb (5kg)5,0:1Ø 0,180/200 m £ POA
99105**6500 - Match spool320 g7+110lb (5kg)5,0:1Ø 0,200/200 m £ POA

Tubertini Concept Power 5000L

Ryobi Metalroyal Fishing Safari’s successor with the same characteristics of the prevoius but lighter in weight. In addition to the lightweight: 6+1 bearings, 25lb power drag with FS Drag System, 9 salt water disks. Small in size, power and reliable.

Concept 5000L Saltwater Reel, Quality
Tubertini Concept Power
Code Size Weight Bearings Drag Ratio Line Capacity RRP
99106** - 750g 7 12 kg 4,9:1 Ø 0,33 - 400 m £POA

Tubertini Concept Power 5000XL

Reel for competition fisherman and surf casting lovers. Aggressive and Catchy, black and gold coloured, light spool for a power and precise reel with 6+1 bearings for a flowing retrieve without efforts

Concept 5000XL Saltwater Reel, Surfcasting
Tubertini Concept Power XL
Code Size Weight Bearings Drag Ratio Line Capacity RRP
99107** 10000 700g 7 12 kg 3,9:1 Ø 0,40 - 200 m £POA

Tubertini Toda 6500

Small sized body compared with rotor size and spool diameter. it’s ideal for feeder fishing, beach ledgeringand heavy spinning. The RFO system (Slow oscillation system) designed by Ryobi, allows to store up to 120 cm of monofilament each turn, avoiding coils will overlaps that improves casting perfomance and smooth retrieve. Standard supplied with a Match spool (Ø20/200 mt) and, as optional, with a spool Ø33/250m for boat fishing or heavy spinning where more capacity is needed.

Concept 5000XL Saltwater Reel, Surfcasting
Tubertini Toda
Code Size Weight Bearings Drag Ratio Line Capacity RRP
99073** 6500 400g 5+1 7.5 kg 5.0:1 Ø 0,20 - 200 m £POA

Tubertini Vertigo

Fishing reel developped totally in Italy following a precise market demand that was asking a small sized fishing reel but with large capacity and powerful retrieve, the Vetigo delivers a small body with rotor and spool oversized. These characteristics together with Japanese mechanism enabled us to reach the aim required. Each single size has been designed to obtain speed and power with maximum lightness. Model 5500, for example, has the body of 4000 but it retrieves as a 6000 spooling 90 cm of line with each turn of the handle.

Match spool is available on sizes 4500 5000 - 5500.

Vertigo, Saltwater Reel, Surfcasting
Tubertini Vertigo
Code Model Weight Bearings Drag Ratio Line Capacity RRP
99181**1500285 g82,5 kg5,1:1Ø 0,205/165 m £ POA
99182**2500316 g85,0 kg5,0:1Ø 0,205/200 m £ POA
99183**3500330 g85,0 kg5,0:1Ø 0,205/250 m £ POA
99184**4500335 g85,0 kg5,0:1Ø 0,235/240 m £ POA
99185**5000338 g85,0 kg5,0:1Ø 0,235/280 m £ POA
99186**5500340 g85,0 kg5,0:1Ø 0,235/310 m £ POA

Tubertini Evoke

Reel series with a superlight Match spool, CNC handle and a catchy and aggressive aesthetics made for spinning, bolognese, feeder both in fresh and salt water.

Extremely smooth, strong and reliable thanks to 6 bearings placed where it works under more stress. Excellent price for quality.

Evoke, Value, Quality, Saltwater Reel, Surfcasting
Tubertini Evoke
Code Model Weight Bearings Drag Ratio Line Capacity RRP
99212** 1000 246 g 5+12,5 kg5,1:1 Ø 0,205/110 m £ POA
99213** 2000 351 g5+12,5 kg 5,1:1 Ø 0,205/130 m £ POA
99214** 3000 387 g5+15,0 kg 5,1:1 Ø 0,235/105 m £ POA
99215** 4000 302 g5+15,0 kg 5,1:1 Ø 0,235/130 m £ POA
99216**5000 384 g5+1 7,5 kg 5,2:1 Ø 0,285/150 m £ POA
99217** 6000 401 g5+1 7,5kg 5,2:1 Ø 0,330/130 m £ POA

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