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Tubertini Lure & Light Rock Fishing Rods

Tubertini Lure Rods are very quickly building a reputation that matches those of the Tubertini Boat and Tubertini Surf ranges.

Light Rock Fishing (LRF) is following the way UK Bass Plugging has gone in recent years with a booming market. Ultra sensitive products feature light weight Titanium Guides and reliable, modern secure real seats that perform as good as they look.

N.I.C.I - The NICI System [New & Innovative Connections] ensures the Rods Rings are always in perfect alignment, when combined with very high strength carbons this innovation provides an unequalled progressive and smooth action whilst maintaining ultimate power. Blanks have the same action as a one-piece rod but a much longer rod giving the Angler many other advantages.

Tubertini Gravity

The use of new printing and carbon intermediate modulus have allowed the creation of very handy spinning rods, resistant and with a distinct tip action. The rings are fitted with KL, VSS reel seat and EVA handle. Great Value adn quality finish.

LRF, Lure Rod, Great Value
Tubertini Gravity
Code Model Length Dia Weight Sections Cast Weight RRP
03894** Light 1,80 m7,90 mm 99 g2 2÷10 g £POA
03895** Medium Light1,80 m 7,90 mm 99 g 25÷21 g  
03896** Medium Light2,10 m9,40 mm 109 g2 5÷21 g  
03897** Medium2,10 m 9,80 mm 118 g210÷28 g  
03898** Medium Light2,40 m 10,80 mm135 g 25÷21 g  
03899** Medium2,40 m11,20 mm 145 g210÷28 g  
03900** Medium Heavy2,40 m 11,30 mm150 g2 21÷42 g  
03902** Medium Heavy 2,70 m 12,60 mm168 g 221÷42 g  
03903** Medium Heavy2,70 m12,80 mm 174 g 2 28÷56 g  

Tubertini Jackpot

Wide range of spinning rods in two pieces that thanks to their robustness and reactivity qualities, they offer the right tool for all the variants that this technique provides. The reel seat is VSS, ergonomic and retractable, inserted in a beautiful and elegant EVA handle and cork. The rings are the newest Sea XY Guide - SiC and sections are finely painted in black.

Jackpot, LRF, Lure Rod, Great Value
Tubertini Jackpot
Code Model Length Sections Casting Weight RRP
03762**Light1,80 m22÷10 g £ POA
03763**Medium Light1,80 m25÷20 g £ POA
03764**Light2,10 m22÷10 g £ POA
03765**Medium Light2,10 m25÷20 g £ POA
03766**Medium2,10 m210÷30 g £ POA
03767**Medium Light2,40 m25÷20 g £ POA
03768**Medium2,40 m210÷30 g £ POA
03769**Medium Heavy2,40 m220÷40 g £ POA
03770**Medium Heavy2,40 m230÷60 g £ POA
03771**Medium2,70 m210÷30 g £ POA
03772**Medium Heavy2,70 m220÷40 g £ POA
03773**Medium Heavy2,70 m230÷60 g £ POA
03774**Heavy2,70 m260÷150 g £ POA
03775**Medium Heavy3,00 m230÷60 g £ POA
03776**Heavy3,00 m260÷150 g £ POA

Tubertini Finesse

Quality two pieces low profile rods with spigot joint for ultralight spinning and lure tactics. Built from high modulus carbon, progressive action and quick reaction ensures strong ability to launch and control of lure even low weights and sizes. Immaculate finishes with finely painted sections, the Fuji KL and the handle are made of high quality cork.

Finesse, LRF, Lure Rod, Great Value
Tubertini Finesse
Code Model Length Dia Weight Color Section RRP
03834**Ultra Light Action1,80 m6,30 mm84 g Light Blue2 £ POA
03589**Light Action1,90 m6,50 mm85 g Yellow2 £ POA
03592**Medium Action1,90 m6,60 mm85g Green2 £ POA
03835**Medium Strong Action1,95 m7,00 mm87 g Silver2 £ POA
03249** Xtra Light Action1,80 m5,80 mm 84 g Orange 2 £ POA

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