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Tubertini Sea

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AP Power, Atlantic F1, Tubertini Sea
  • Tubertini Rods

    Tubertini Rods, both Surf and Boat Rods suited to the match and casual sea angler. Outstandingly High Quality.
  • Tubertini Reels

    Tubertini Reels, matching both the Surf and Boat fishing markets. The AP Power 8000 has become a best seller.
  • Tubertini Accessories

    Tubertini Accessories, a range of high quality swivels, snap links and general terminal tackle.

Tubertini - High Quality

Tubertini - It's very difficult to satisfy competitive anglers, and in particular it's impossible to deceive them or influence them with the usual and expected advertising where everyone always has the better product than the others.

A competitive angler will compare himself with with other fisherman and in particular he has to evaluate the performance of his tackle whilst competing, and THIS IS THE ONLY SERIOUS TEST TO VALUE A PRODUCT.

It is these 'High Quality' values that Tubertini invests in all reserach and development. Input from the Worlds best match anglers, both Shore and Boat, ensures the Tubertini product line meets those same demanding standards set by the very first and latest products.

Tubertini Boat - In this field development and competitive testing is carried out by Marco Volpi 13 World Championship Team Gold Medals, 3 times Individual World Champion , and 16 times Italian Champion and Palol Volpini 11 World Championship Team Gold Medals, 4 times Individual World Champion, and 6 times Italian Champion.

Tubertini Surf - In this field development and competitive testing is carried out by Guashinio Michele 1 times Individual World Champion and Xavi Perez Rojo the 2005 World Champion.

Tubertini UK - In Italy there are 21 Agents that supply 1700 shops covering the whole Italian territory. In the UK and Ireland distribution is exclusive to Tubertini UK, based near Enniskillen, Northern Ireland Tubertini UK supplies the Tubertini brand to tackle shops and dealers all across the UK and Ireland.

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